To provide propulsion and ADCS solutions for small satellites

enabling disruptive services to function in the emerging space economy

Cubesat propulsion

High-performance, high-thrust electric propulsion with multiple nozzles capability. Explicitly crafted for Cubesats up to 30 kg.

Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)

High precision ADCS for orientation control of the satellite. Designed for the smallsats up to 100 kg.


Cold-Gas Thruster

The BLINK cold-gas thruster is a multipurpose 0.5U – 2U propulsion system in 1 – 100 mN class. It can be configured with multiple nozzles up to 6 DOF control.

Reaction Wheel

The MRW reaction wheels are dedicated to CubeSat platforms up to 16U. They are plug-and-play modules with space-rated components for outstanding reliability.

Available: Q1 2022

Available: Q1 2022


Our subsystems help you navigate your successful mission in space with outstanding performance and flexibility.

Contact our experienced team to discuss customized propulsion or ADCS solution made for your satellite.

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