orbital transfer vehicle


Launch and deployment service for smallsats

Small satellites are launched with dedicated small launchers or as rideshare on larger rockets. Neither of these is truly suitable for new space business models, as the dedicated launch is too expensive, while rideshare does not take you to final orbit. Our OTV brings the best of both worlds and provides you with fast and precise satellite deployment at a low cost.

$8,000 / kg

launch cost to orbit
(starting from)


faster deployment to the final orbit

500 m/s

max ΔV

400 kg

max payload mass

With our novel green propulsion technology, we achieve unmatched spacecraft performance, while a service-oriented approach gives you a smooth end-to-end experience of a successful mission.

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Latest updates

27 april 22′

Successful tests of the first liquid pulsed plasma thruster for nanosatellites!


14 april 22′

Progresja Space has kicked off the chemical propulsion project supported by the European Space Agency – ESA


8 april 22′

Przemysław Drożdż, co-founder & COO of Progresja Space, named Forbes 25 under 25!


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