What we do

Electric propulsion

Explicitly crafted for nano- and microsatellites for both ADCS and station-keeping.

Green, hypergolic bipropellant

Replacement for toxic hydrazine without compromising performance.

Hybrid thruster

3D printed, self-contained propulsion unit for microsatellites.

Green, SAFE, Reliable

We use only non-toxic propellants for chemical thrusters and promote electrification of the spacecraft propulsion.

high performance

Our technology assures comparable or higher performance to state-of-the-art thrusters.


We make space technology accessible to everyone. By using modern, cost-effective technologies we can offer the most competitive price.

Individual Approach

We would like to work with you to tailor our propulsion technology to your specific needs.


Spacecraft propulsion systems for nano and microsatellites.

About company

Propulsion provider

Next-gen spacecraft propulsion systems with unparalleled performance to match increasing demand in the growing small satellite market.

We have identified critical technologies required to push the limits of the state-of-the-art thrusters in terms of cost, safety, and performance. Our next step is to develop and test thrusters that will be available for sale independently or as a part of the integrated, turn-key systems.


Our partners

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